6.14.16 Taking Flight

There’s lots of things in the world that you don’t need to make great things.  For years, I’ve been making good beer with nothing more than a stove and bare bones, entry level equipment.  Find what works best for you and learn to use it to the best of your ability.  We’ve all found ways to make things work the way we need to.

I wouldn’t consider myself to be stepping away from my roots in the near future.  It’s not selling out.  Its natural evolution.  Its growth.  Though I may retire the stovetop from my brewing routine, it served its purpose and could continue to do so moving forward.  For me to achieve my goal, I need to standardize.  I need to refine.  I need to maximize.  I need to nail it down.  Whatever it is… i’m chasing it and I will find it.

In the spirit of growth and evolution, I’m taking one of my personal favorites, Ball & Chain, and putting a fresh spin on it.  Ball & Chain was originally brewed for a friend’s bachelor party, and I’ll be damned if it didn’t get the job done.  5 gallon batch, gone within hours.  Originally a hodge podge, shot in the dark, extract batch; now, a mainstay on my rotation.  IT has been discovered, refined, and shaped.


  • German Pilsner
  • Carapils
  • C20


  • Falconer’s Flight


  • WY1056 – Started 24 hours  prior to pitch

Today I’m going to experiment around with extending the whirlpool at a lower temperature, for a longer time.  Today we’ll shoot for 160F for 40 minutes and see how that works.  In addition, I’m going to add my first round of dry hops directly to the fermenter.

I also picked up an idea on BeerAdvocate where a user was speaking to Citric Acid and how it livens up the hop flavor in his brew.  I picked some up yesterday and will add .5tsp to the boil and we’ll see where it takes me.

Cheers – Mike




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