7.15.16 Uncle Booger’s Chicken Gravy

A new round on the Chicken Gravy!  This has been a recipe that I’ve been working on since Winter 16’.  The first few batches were complete failures, then, as more batches were made, they became more and more drinkable.  I discovered a 1:1 ratio of Amarillo to Mosaic yields a light, refreshing peach taste.  A buddy and I killed this keg in one day. One fun, wild, day.

It’s time to give it another go with my current knowledge and updated equipment.  At first I used Us04 for this recipe and it was a drain dump.  Us05 was a little better. Wy1318 got in the ballpark.  I’m hoping the Tree House yeast zeros in.



Golden Promise

White Wheat




Columbus, Amarillo, Mosaic (I’ve adjusted my ratios to yield a bit more Mosaic than Amarillo – adding Columbus for some depth and complexity)





Harvested from Tree House cans Julius and Green

New equipment is always fun!  I was given a sweet 5 gallon mash tun from my friend John.  Looks like my BIAB days are behind me!  The brewer’s friend software that I use leaves a bit to be desired in terms of water volume calculations.  When my subscription is up, I’ll move over to BeerSmith.  I mashed 1.5q to 1lb of grain.  This was a little too thin.  I’d adjust down to maybe 1.2q/1lb and see what happens next time.  I mashed at 152F for 70 minutes then sparged with 166F water for 10.

I was a little light on gravity at this point.  I suspect the culprit was additional water.  2oz dextrose was added near the end of the boil to get me back to my OG of 1.062.

I added Columbus at 60, a blend of Columbus, Mosaic, and Amarillo at 5, the blend again for an hour long whirlpool starting at 160F (eventually dropping to 140F).  I then cooled to 80F.  I would have liked to go cooler, but the July ground water is only so cool.  I aerated for 2 minutes using my trusty paint stirrer attachment and drill set to high speed.  I then sent my Tree House warriors off to do battle and added in my initial dry hop immediately following (same as whirlpool).


I yielded just over 3 gallons of wort.  Considering absorption and hopping, I should wind up with 2.5 gallons in my keg.  The yeast is viable and aggressive.  I’ve got some top cropping to do in case this comes out good.  I don’t foresee any Tree House cans coming my way in the near future.



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