11.2.2016 – Imperial Apple Pie Brown Ale

Pursuant to my heavy duty craving for big cool weather beers, this recipe was born.  I had received a few requests to make my pumpkin ale but since pumpkin is on the outs with the cool kids I decided to take a new approach.  Meet apple pie spice.  I haven’t had this before in Michigan so hopefully there’s not a reason why!

I called upon my new 10 gallon mash tun, 8 gallon fermenter, and 5 gallon keg to produce the biggest brown ale that I’ve made to date.  There was 15 lb of grain in my tun!  Since I always get a slight fruit bite from 1318 at cooler temperatures, I decided to try that to bring the apple flavor to the party.  I began by making a huge 2 step starter.



American 2 Row

Maris Otter

Flaked Oats



Special B




Hallertau Hersbrucker  (hops are kind of irrelevant here – shoot for 20ibu)


Yeast Nutrient

Calcium Chloride


Apple Pie Spice (ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg)


WY1318 London Ale III

Brew day again was uneventful.  My new norm is mashing with RO water and sparging with tap that has been treated with campden tablets.  I mashed at 150F for one hour, raised to 168F for mashout, and batch sparged for 20 minutes at 168F.  I then chilled to 80F, aerated with my drill attachment, and pitched my monster dose of 1318.  Fermentation began within the hour.  My OG came to 1.075.


After 3 weeks at ambient temperature, I racked to the secondary for a week and added my pie spice.  After 3 days, I tasted a sample for flavor.  It was a bit light so I added another dose of spice, waited 3 more days, and transferred to my keg.  The beer finished at 1.018.  Perfect!  The beer conditioned for 48 hours at 35 psi before taking a pull.


Up front, you’re met with a full, silky mouthfeel.  Impressions of fruit from the 1318 paired with the aroma of spice sends your palate to the cider mill.  APPLE PIE.  A multitude of malts then come forward to finish just right.  I couldn’t be more satisfied with this.



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